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It is introduction of Chrome extension.
Go to Chrome web store Click the app name or icon. Detailed information and installation, please use that.
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Search Selection with Bookmarks Google web storeへ

Search Selection with Bookmarks

Chrome extension version of Search Selection.
Changes to new tab page of web search and bookmarks.
Can customize search site by user.

■ Features - Search
・Many search sites
Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, YouTube and Amazon, can be added by the user further.
・Add and modify search site
・Individual settings of the search site
・Search words of memory and history
・Display of the Home page
・Display of the search results page

■ Features - Bookmarks
・List of bookmark
・Open all in the folder
・Open link action can choose current , new tab form background.
・Internal display with cursor.
・Display of history
・Display of Most visited (Different Chrome original)
・Change the number of columns
・Change font size
・Open the bookmark manager (menu of right-click on folder link)
・Suggest box (Test pilot version)

■ For use in each country.
Software is English only. However, by changing the search site at options,it is available in each country. Changes will vary from country to country and site.

Example. Change yahoo! English version (com) to Japanese version (co.jp).
https://www.yahoo.com → https://www.yahoo.co.jp
https://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&p= → https://search.yahoo.co.jp/search?ei=UTF-8&p=

【Support information - Example : Site Settings 】

■ Version history

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