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Search Selection GooglePlay

Search Selection

Search Selection is an application of web search and bookmark of select a site.
Can customize site add or change by user.

Do you want to added a site of the web search application ?
It is possible if this application.

■ Features
・Voice input, voice search
・Many search sites
Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Amazon, can be added by the user further.
・History and memory of the search word
・Display of the Home page
・Display of the search results page
・Individual site settings
・Number of columns change of site list
・Position change in site list
・Adding from preset site
・Adding from bookmarks in built-in browser. (import)
・Advanced features. (Intent action)

■ Preset sites (International version)
Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Play, Wikipedia(de, en, es, fr, it, ja, pl, pt, ru, zh), Amazon(cn, co.jp, co.uk, com, de, es, fr, it), bing, yandex, baidu

■ Version history

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Google play , Opera Store , Samsung Apps

Terminated. The end of license of "Gunma-chan".
Thank you for your use.

Gunma-chan GooglePlay

Gunma-chan Simple Live Wallpaper

Live wallpaper mascot of Japan Gunma Prefecture "Gunma-chan".
"Gunma-chan" took #1 at the "Yuru-Chara" Grand Prix 2014.

Illustration of "Gunma-chan" is replaced at set intervals.
Can change with background color and size of illustration.

■ Features
・31 pieces of illustrations of Gunma-chan.
・Position is random.
・Change interval of illustrations.
・Change size of illustrations.
・Change of background color.
・Change of line color.
・This is free. There is no banner.

■ Version history

▼ Download links
Google play Closed.