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Version history - Search Selection with Bookmarks

First release

Add function
    Display of Most visited (Different Chrome original)
Add function
    Open the bookmark manager (menu of right-click on folder link)

Add function
    Tooltip displayed in History and Most visited links
    (Tooltip does not appear in the bookmarks link)
Change function
    Delete button in search section.
        Deletes the appropriate words of User memory and Search word history.
        (Words in textbox has been intentionally left for re-registration.)

Add function
    Options - Search textbox state (blank , last search state , blank when searched)

Add function
    Options - History folder - Folder click (open all , chrome history)

Add function
    Options - Search textbox auto insert space
    Options - Suggest box (* Test pilot , beta version)

UI change 
  Subject box (Option Suggest box is google)
    Open or close by click in text box.
    Open by up and down key in text box.
    Confirm and close by left,right,tab and enter key in suggest box.  
    Cancel and close by escape key.

  Calling Bookmark manager in context menu.
    Corresponds to Chrome version 63 bookmark manager.

Add function
  Options - History folder - show in first

Add function
  Options - Customize search site - Button type(none,icon+name,icon,name)
  Options - Backup and Restore(All options and User memory)
Specification change
   Changed chrome extension specification to [Manifest V3]